A scientific laboratory in the Host fair

A scientific laboratory in the Host fair

For the very first time, Host fairs visitors had the chance to visit an actual scientific lab, set up to examine coffee with state-of- the-art precision equipment. The cooperation among the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation – the Centre for Research established by Simonelli Group and the University of Camerino in 2016 – and Fiera Milano made possible this original training opportunity. A total challenge: taking the scientific world inside a typically commercial event. Hub Coffee Science was a real science lab with leading experts in the field and state-of- the-art equipment supplied by several partners who strongly believed in this project.

This was an absolute breakthrough for a trade show in an industry where technical and scientific innovations are mostly presented through products, in a commercial context.

Researchers at the Centre used instruments including sieves, roasting machines, coffee grinders, microscopes, analysers for water pH and of course coffee machines. They worked with technicians from qualified partners such as Shimadzu, Ikawa, Hario, Bunn, Marco Beverage, BWT, Brita and Pentair. Together they had developed a rich educational program, so visitors could benefit from more detailed information on the physical and chemical principles behind a good coffee extraction, as well as insight into the most appropriate use of the various equipment on the market. The whole experience was an exploration of the scientific principles that are the basis of a good cup of coffee.



Throughout the Host event (October 20-24, 2017), visitors to Hub Coffee Science were able to interact with the researchers and use the laboratory equipment to explore the secrets of coffee from rare perspectives. The two main elements of the beverage, coffee and water, were explored first hand, in new ways.

For instance, visitors were able to try different roasting profiles and discover the effects on the chemical composition of the bean, while benefitting from the great experience of Joseph A. Rivera, founder and director of CoffeeChemistry.com.

Roasted coffee was ground according to the infusion system used to analyse the granulometric distribution and the morphology of the grind. It was thus possible to compare different grinding alternatives to see the effects on the beverage. Visitors compared the results of the various extractions obtained from the 2018 World Roasting Champion, Rubens Gardelli, both organoleptically and chemically, by analysing them with Hub Coffee Science’s instruments.

Similarly, visitors performed water analysis to understand its chemical principles as a basis of coffee extraction. Once acquainted with the fundamental aspects of water, the visitor could test and compare coffee extracted from different waters.

Hub Coffee Science is a highly innovative cultural project capable of delivering a level of knowledge that has never been seen before at trade fairs. The great interest shown by Host attendees reflected the growing interest research carried out on various aspects of coffee. This is especially evident among growers, roasters and baristas wishing to offer the customer an ever-higher quality product and service