HUB Coffee Science. A science lab available to the HOST Milano’ s visitors


For the very first time, you will have the chance to visit an actual scientific lab, set up to examine your coffee with state-of- the-art precision equipment.

The cooperation among the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation -the Centre for Research established by Simonelli Group and the University of Camerino only a year ago- and Fiera Milano made possible this original training opportunity. A total challenge: taking the scientific world inside a typically commercial event.
Hub Coffee Science (pav. 24 stand U56) is a real science lab with leading experts in the field and state-of- the-art equipment supplied by several partners who strongly believed in this project. Partners such as 3Temp, Acaia, Alfatest, Brita, Bunn, Coffee Chemistry, BWT, Gardelli Specialty Coffee, Hario, Ikawa, Marco Beverage, Pentair and Shimadzu.

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What will university researchers do, with their white smocks and microscopes, on the HUB COFFEE SCIENCE stand at Host Milan? They will guide visitors on a short but essential journey, into the ‘bowels’ of the coffee world. These are technical-scientific aspects that not only should be, but absolutely need to be, well understood to be able to face and overcome the new challenges in the market, staying ahead of increasingly refined consumer tastes. The journey concerns everything about coffee and water, which are the main elements of the drink.
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Researchers, students and experts in coffee-related disciplines can present their studies at the international conference “The Quality of Coffee: a never ending research” planned in Camerino (Italy) on Thursday November 30 and Friday, December 1 2017.
Papers will be published in “Pharmanutrition Functional Food” in a special edition dedicated to the conference. The abstract must be sent by September 30 using the form on the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation website . Read More

The International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, set up by Simonelli Group and the University of Camerino to support the entire global coffee industry by raising professionalism and product quality, is crossing the finish line on its first year. To celebrate this anniversary, the Coffee Hub will organize the first of a series of international conventions titled “The Quality of Coffee: a never ending research”.
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